About Us

Why We Exist?

Monoboss started to disrupt the outdated models and aesthetics of the fashion industry. 

We’re inspired by go-getters, innovators, dreamers, and game-changers; and with that, we designed MONOBOSS, a brand that embodies this very spirit. Above all else, we exist to create quality products so that you can: ‘BE YOUR OWN BOSS’

What Do We Want To Do?

Monoboss wants to empower everyone to walk their own path; march to the beat of their own drum, and we want to make sure you feel like a boss while doing it. It is our mission to create and design products that support you on your journey, wherever it may take you. 


How Are We Doing It?

Every high-quality footwear item designed and created by Monoboss is a direct result of our design and production philosophy which encapsulates a sense of laid-back luxury and contemporary urban street-style. Our signature element, the Belgian Cup Sole, is hand-crafted into each of our products to ensure everyone who wears a MonoBoss product, walks with confidence, charisma, and character; befitting a real boss!


Want To Know More?

Monoboss is more than just high-quality footwear – we’re managing and empowering a community of bosses. Follow us on social media to get a glimpse into the boss lifestyle and join the #monobosscrew